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Admin Facilities Specialist

May 22, 2024 | Bacolod


Principal Functions & Responsibilities

  • Act as the main point of contact to make sure efficient and effective coverage of general administrative support to stakeholders such as but not limited to (Admin assistance (i.e., work permit, gate passes, parking permits, clearances), admin communication (advisory, admin board), shuttle services, and all other administrative support required for the role);
  • Monitor the compliance of the front office team in terms of recording the purchases, internal and external asset and non-asset movement, recording of visitor traffic, religious update of all pertinent logbooks;
  • Tracking and monitoring employee movement such as deactivation / activation of Return to Work Orders and Terminating of an offboarded employee;
  • Main point of contact in making sure admin coverage during client visits from coordinating the hotel arrangements, flight schedules, Airport Shuttle transfer, invite letter, and if necessary, client’s refreshments.
  • Monitor the compliance to internal regulatory policies and make necessary report for each confirmed violators for proper disposition;
  • Ensure compliance to the Statutory and Regulatory, and Partner’s requirements;
  • The main point of contact in terms of creating, activation, encoding, issuance and monitoring (inventory) of identification cards, access badges, locker accountabilities and pedestal accountability (if ever), and all other pertinent accountabilities of the employee;
  • Responsible as well in scheduling and conducting quarterly concessionaire’s performance surveys, posting of final result in the admin bulletin.
  • Generate weekly report and presentation of the general administrative tasks update and all other relevant data gathered for the week;
  • Will act as the main point of contact for the inventory and availability of the supplies and materials that the admin team needs to effectively perform its basic functions;
  • Making sure that mails and other documents are being sent out on time;




The below steps encompass this role as well:

  • General Administrative Tasks
  • Statutory, Regulatory and Partner’s compliances
  • Administrative Communication (Advisory and Admin Board)
  • Availability and inventory of department supplies and needs;
  • Creation and process for activation of access passes (identification card, access badges)
  • Client visits assistance and coverage;
  • Front Office logbook monitoring;
  • Monitoring and issuance of Lockers and Parking Permits;
  • Processing and retrieval of Statutory and Regulatory requirements (Annual);

What we’re looking for:

  • At least 2 years to 3 years of experience in General Administrative Roles in a BPO set up;
  • Strong written and verbal communication and organizational skills;
  • Strong attention to details and instructions;
  • Amenable to extend working hours, if necessary
  • With strong sense of discretion and confidentiality;
  • Willing to work on shifting schedule
  • Can work with minimal supervision.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for presentations and reports required.
  • Professional demeanour, dependable, and able to maintain confidential information.


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