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The first step of our global
journey started in 2016.

Since then, we have grown to thousands of team members with our ever-expanding global presence.

We are in the United States, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Egypt. With over 20,000 square meters of workspace and experts in various aspects of the contact center industry, our Follow the Sun network of service locations is poised to grow further.

Wherever we are, we are the best value solution for global Customer Experience.

Site Locations

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First Stop: Philippines



The Philippines is the place to be when it comes to best-in-class contact centers and BPO services. 100 million people strong, we have a winning combination of strong government support, significant investment in education and infrastructure, as well as favorable tax incentives for foreign investors. Our country is English-proficient, customer-centric, and has a Westernized population. This is why we continue to be the preferred Customer Experience location for companies large and small.

ServiceFirst is well-established here, with the top talent in the industry, poised to catapult your Customer Experience business objectives to greater heights.

We cater to clients from the U.S., Asia Pacific, and other locations in the world. We want nothing more than to make you come in first in your industry.

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We are one of the first in Costa Rica


Costa Rica

When it comes to US Hispanic and other Latin American nationalities, Costa Rica leads as a Customer Experience location. We are one of the original Nearshore destinations for multinational companies in the Americas. This is due to our neutral Spanish dialect.

Due to our close proximity to North America, Costa Rica is one of the major US travel hubs. Our country has one of the best communications networks and IT infrastructure in the Latin American territory. This makes Costa Rica an ideal BPO location in the region. We have the longest-running democratic government in Latin America, established free trade zones, and an economic structure that makes us ideal for BPO providers to operate.

Our strategic placement here will make it key for your business goals.

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We are big in Egypt



We at Egypt create opportunities for job seekers throughout the European Union, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) due to our strategic location, panoramic city views, and strong economy. What sets us apart from other locations for contact centers in the area is our ability to support client needs on a meaningful scale. Like the Philippines and India, we in Egypt provide native speakers offering EMEA support in at least 20 different languages to cover more than 100 countries. With nearly 220,000 annual graduates having degrees in business processing and related fields, we have become a destination for outsourcing.

ServiceFirst has an established location in Cairo. We are situated at the center of the most industrial and commercial sectors of the country. We offer more than 500 seats of call center and BPO capacity for clients throughout EMEA.