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Senior Web Developer

May 7, 2024 | Alabang

ServiceFirst is a world-class call center and BPO with strategic locations around the globe providing an elevated Customer Experience to benefit our client’s businesses with exceptional customer engagement.

While our core business is to help our partners better serve their customers, ServiceFirst will also provide reduced labor and operational costs, a diversified footprint for business reliability, and an innovative entrepreneurial culture to attain corporate performance objectives as our partners trusted advisor and preferred business partner.

We are looking for a Senior java Developer who has a strong proficiency and extensive experience in Java programming language and it's concepts and framework

What you will be doing:

1.    Developing Backend Systems: Design, implement, and maintain server-side applications using Java frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot, or Hibernate.

2.    Creating APIs: Develop RESTful APIs to enable communication between frontend and backend systems.

3.    Database Management: Design and optimize database schemas, write efficient SQL queries, and work with database technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.

4.    Frontend Development: Develop responsive and user-friendly web interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue.js.

5.    Testing and Debugging: Write unit tests, perform integration testing, and debug applications to ensure high quality and reliability.

6.    Version Control: Use version control systems like Git to manage codebase and collaborate with other team members.

7.    Deployment and DevOps: Deploy applications to production environments, configure CI/CD pipelines, and work with containerization technologies like Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes.

Skills Needed:

1.    Java Development: Strong proficiency in Java programming language and knowledge of core Java concepts.

2.    Web Development: Experience with frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern JavaScript frameworks.

3.    Backend Frameworks: Proficiency in one or more Java frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot, or Hibernate.

4.    API Development: Experience in designing and developing RESTful APIs.

5.    Database Management: Knowledge of SQL and experience working with relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle.

6.    Version Control: Familiarity with Git or other version control systems.

7.    Testing: Understanding of software testing principles and experience with testing frameworks like JUnit or Mockito.

8.    Deployment and DevOps: Experience with deployment tools, CI/CD pipelines, and containerization technologies.

9.    Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to troubleshoot issues, debug code, and propose effective solutions.

10. Team Collaboration: Strong communication skills and ability to work effectively in a team environment.

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